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Saturday, September 25, 2010

September 25, 1860

Reader note: This journal is a project to get everyone ready for the 150th of the Civil War. For the fun of it, there will be some modern day allusions. Keep your eyes out for them (yes they are farbie as we reenactors call it but so is using a blog). 

Dear Journal,
         I admit that this autumn has started off as a scorching one. The air in the house is greatly lacking, and wind coming through the windows is all but naught. Our state is at a point where it must choose whether or not it will secede. I can't help but pray to the Triune God of all that peace shall be the outcome of such a secession. We all have our reasons for desiring this dissolution of our ties from the Yankees. My family tends not to want the separation to keep slaves, but more so to prevent the Northerners from gaining more power. We feel the south has been all but ignored in its representation in Congress. Many of the locals feel the same way, and then of course the aristocrats wish to keep their slaves. My mind sometimes wanders into these political situations, but I am in my last year of secondary school, and time does not afford me much leeway to ponder the futile circumstances of any secession. I fear the US government, and any southern government, will both be corrupt in nature. Governments themselves cannot be trusted in any shape or form. My heart bends towards staying in the Union at times, but other times I am not so content in that solution. For now I shan't worry.

Modern day additions: 
Around the world in 1860 (September-October)-Garibaldi in Italy beats the Two Sicilies, Christians and Muslims fighting in Lebanon, Second Opium War in China
Song of the Day:  Written in 1856 by Rev. Henry D. L. Webster


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